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SOUTH Toowoomba Apex Club had the opportunity to donate money fundraised through a Bunnings BBQ event to the Blind Citizens Australia, Toowoomba Branch, known as BCA.

Club president Sarah-Jane MacDonald and Secretary, Georgia Soutar attended Newtown Rose Garden on Saturday, April 1 2017, where they presented Joyce Jones, President of BCA, Toowoomba Branch with a cheque for over $1,500.00.

This donation was welcomed by the Toowoomba Blind Citizens Association,

as they were not able to run the BBQ themselves, but attended on the day with their guide dogs.

Blind Citizens Toowoomba (BCA) is a branch of Blind citizens Australia, the peak organisation advocating for access and equity for people who are blind or vision impaired.

South Toowoomba Apex Club President, Sarah-Jane MacDonald said: “Our club is always looking for ways to support local community organisations in any way we can.”

“When we heard that BCA Toowoomba were looking for assistance to run a fundraising event, we were more than happy to help.”

Joyce Jones, President of BCA Toowoomba stated the money would be used for: “Outreach work to people who are losing their sight and to act as a conduit to the main service providers and community organisations. We also work closely with Guide Dogs Queensland and often hold joint meetings to monitor their services to our members. We are always available to anyone with blindness and vision impairment and we also hold social gatherings.”

When asked about important issues for Blind people in Toowoomba, Joyce Jones said: “In Toowoomba we are working for better access to our Transit Centre in Neil Street.

We are also going to work with Toowoomba Regional Council for better access to their web site, and to information about their services. We need funding to pay for bus fares and taxi fares around Toowoomba and district to reach our members, and to get to Brisbane on important issues.”

The South Toowoomba Apex Club is a volunteer service organisation that offers fellowship, fun and opportunities for personal development. Club Secretary Georgia Soutar said: “We raise money for charity, provide practical assistance to those in need, and promote citizenship and community spirit. We have been serving the Toowoomba Community for over 50 years.”

Joyce Jones said: “South Toowoomba Apex has run two sausage sizzles for us and have supplied us with valuable capital, the business of running fundraising events is difficult for us. We greatly appreciate Toowoomba Apex for doing the work for us, and Bunnings for providing the venue. It is a wonderful community service.”



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The South Toowoomba Apex Club had their 50th Annual Change Over Dinner on 9th of July at Gips Restaurant in Toowoomba. The Club celebrated 50 years of service to the community with a winter wonderland themed ball. As part of the festivities of the night outgoing President Georgia Soutar made a presentation to the RSPCA donating $500 for new equipment and $500 to Rosie’s Friends of the Street for a portable fridge and freezer. Annette Skaines from Rosie’s Friends of the Street was Guest Speaker for the evening and thanked the club for getting involved and running a community outreach BBQ once a month with Rosie’s.

At the event the Club sold raffle tickets, with all of the prizes donated by local businesses. The Club was able to raise over $1,000.00 on the night which they will use to buy and donate non-perishable supplies to the Rockville State School Breakfast Club. Councilor Megan, O’Hara Sullivan attended the event and Former Attorney General Kerry Shine was also in attendance. The club was lucky enough to have some of their Past Members and Life Members present on the evening as there was a surprise presentation ceremony for Life Membership to Steve Woods, who upon his recent retirement from the Club had been an active member for 19 years. Incoming President Sarah-Jane MacDonald said “I look forward to the next 12 months of Apex continuing to support our local community.”

Over the last 50 years the South Toowoomba Apex Club has completed over 50,000.00 hours of community service to the Toowoomba Community through various service projects.

If you would like any more information about the South Toowoomba Apex or would like to join, please visit


 Fay Stein, Sarah-Jane MacDonald, Georgia Soutar & Annette Skaines at the South Toowoomba Apex 50th Annual Change Over


Club attends International Conference

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Grow, Learn, Make Friends, While Helping Others - That is the Apex motto. 

Over the weekend of 7 - 9 August 2015, South Toowoomba Apex Club President, Georgia Stafford, along with Member, Sarah-Jane MacDonald, attended at the Apex Malaysia National Conference held in Kuala Lumpur. The Club and its members were able to follow the Apex motto and were able to meet many new people who can now be called friends. The girls were able to grow and learn by engaging with Local Apexians to learn about other ways of servicing the communities.

Although, the weekend wasn't all business, with the girls finding some time to do some sight seeting which included climbing the Petronas Towers. 

Club celebrates its Best

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On 25 July 2015, the South Toowoomba Apex Club held its annual Changeover Dinner. The night, held at the City Golf Club is the official proceedings to mark the changeover from the 2014-2015 Executive, to the 2015-2016 Executive. The Annual event allows for members, friends and family to remark on the achievements of the year that has passed.


The Club honoured the passing of Life Member, Ian Steger, and made a donation of more than $1500 to the St Vincent's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centre in memoriam of Ian. In presenting the cheque, lifelong Apex friends regaled tales of Ian's spirit and times in Apex. Faye Barker from the St Vincent's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centre honoured the club by attending, along with Ian's family: Wife Marie, Daughter Amanda, and Mother Eve, to receive the donation from the Club.


Likewise, Immediate Past President James Burleigh, honoured the memory of his Father, Life Member of Meandarra Club, Howard Burleigh who sadly passed shortly before the start of his Presidential Year. Incoming President, Georgia Stafford commended James on his year as President and said with all confident that James' Father "would be proud of all that you [James] had achieved" in his year as President.


James Burleigh and April Lancaster-Smith both made special mention, jointly being awarded the Service Award for the year. A phenomenal effort was made, with those members each achieving 142 hours of service over the year. The Club celebrated a total contribution of 763.5 hours of altruistic service to the Toowoomba Community in the past 12 months.


James Burleigh was also awarded the Wanderer Award, having visited 6 other Apex clubs around Australia in the past year.


Sarah-Jane MacDonald was awarded the Young Apexian of the Year award and, along with Georgia Stafford, who was awarded the Apexian of the Year award, will go on to represent the club at the National Apex Conference in September 2015 in Blacktown, New South Wales.


All in all, it was a fantastic night which celebrated both club achievements and its members.


South Toowoomba Members Present at National Board Meeting

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Photo 1: Left to Right, South Toowoomba Apex Club Secretary Georgia Stafford and Regional 4 Communicator, Moses Abraham.

Photo 2: Left to Right, Outgoing National AATFA Co-Ordinator Sarah Clark, and South Toowoomba Apex Club member, Sarah-Jane MacDonald.

On Saturday, 13 June 2015, South Toowoomba Apex Club Members' Georgia Stafford and Sarah-Jane MacDonald attended at the National Board Meeting which was held at Cooloongatta. 

The members were asked to attend to make a presentation about communication and the South Toowoomba Website. Both members were able to attend and received great feedback following the presentation. The day also included fellowship, with the members being able to spend time with the current and incoming National Board Members.

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Incoming Board for 2015-2016 Apex Year

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Earlier in May, the South Toowoomba Apex Club held an election to decide the Board Members for the 2015-2016 Apex year.

We are pleased to announce the results:

President: Georgia Stafford

Vice President: Rachel Halech

Secretary: Melissa Monk

Treasurer: Naomi Green

The new board consists of Members who have all joined in the last few years. It is wonderful to see new members rising to the challenge and responsibility of board positions.

We would like to take the opportunity to recognise and thank the outgoing board for all of their tireless and hard working over the preceding 12 months.

Outgoing President: James Burleigh

Outgoing Vice President: Jacinta Mansell

Outgoing Secretary: Georgia Stafford

Outgoing Treasurer: Naomi Green




Change Over 2014

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On the evening of August 1, the South Toowoomba Apex Club held its 48th Annual Changeover Dinner at Ortem. Great entertainment, visits from some past members and introduction of some new ones made for a really enjoyable evening.